Contra Mestre Kapacete



Alexandre Media Dos Santos, known in the world as Contra Mestre Kapacete, began to train capoeira at the age of 12 in Teresópolis (Rio de Janeiro). He had been training there for two years, when he had to interrupt his trainings and moved to Belo Horizonte (Minas Gerais). After this long break, with Capoeira in his heart, he returned to Rio de Janeiro, where he met some of the teachers of the Senzala group. He joined the group initially with Professor Kiúra in 1996, whom after a while moved to Matogrosso, therefore he continued capoeira with Contra-Mestre Chiquinho (a green belt student at that time), and has been with him ever since.

Contra Mestre Kapacete began teaching capoeira in 2000 under the coordination of Mestre Chiquinho at the G.R.E.D. Lins De Vasconcelos and the Casa Branca in Méier, and right after that in Jacarepaguá, Taquara, Freguesia, Camorim and Boiúna in secondary schools, primary schools, kindergardens for children and adults (specialy for children). He had done a charitable job in the home of Frei Luiz with about 200 children and adolescents. He also developed a work with the elderly in the artists' retreat. Even though he has stepped on the paths of capoeira not so long ago, he has already organized numerous events such as:

-WORKSHOPS (Brasil, Hungary, Austria)

Senzala Graz Intensive 2012

-CAMPS (Brasil, Hungary)

-RODAS ( Brasil, Hungary, Austria)

-BATIZADOS (2007/2008, Brasil and 2009, Hungary)

4. Quilombo Cultural Senzala Graz2013

Through Capoeira he has traveled to many different countries like: Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Sweden, Italy and Austria. Currently he lives in Austria and continues his work with the coordination of Contra-Mestre Chiquinho (Budapest-Hungary).

Senzala Austria

Senzala Austria is led by Contra Mestre Kapacate under the supervision of Mestre Chiquinho. More...

Senzala Ukraine

Senzala Ukraine in Odessa is led by corda azul Cenoura under the supervision of Mestre Chiquinho. More...

Senzala Armenia

Senzala Armenia More...

Senzala Russia

Senzala Russia in Petrozavodsk is led by Siri and in St. Petersburg is led by Juan and Maria under the supervision of Mestre Chiquinho. More...

Senzala Brasil

Senzala Brasil in Rio de Janeiro is led by Contra Mestre Edgar and in Minas Gerais is led by Contra Mestre Tubarao under the supervision of Mestre Chiquinho. More...


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